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This is one of my "homes away from home".  It's a place to dabble and battle the computer, in my endless attempt to publish my forthcoming book online for FREE.

This is a tale of many cities.  It is my story.  I'm very happy if it is entertaining, but please do not "do as I do", or think for a moment that I might possibly know something you don't.  We are each Avatars in our own conscious creations.

I make no recommendations within, and let the reader make his, her or "other" own conclusions.  ALL are welcome. 

Also, some of the material will become HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL.  This is not due to any attempt on my part, it is just "the way my life fell out", similar to tossing a deck of cards in the air and watching them land however they do.

As I am LEARNING how to put this site together, it is going to be UN polished and rough.  Bear with me.  I am a quick study!

Most of all, enjoy.  It's free, so if you don't like anything here, go somewhere else, but there IS no "complaint department".



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In Chapter Two, I run off to Hollywood with my girlfriend, get arrested with one of the Beach Boys, do a LOT of drugs and pyschadelics, and decide that the U.S. has become a police state and run off to Mexico with Neil.  It fizzles.  I return to the U.S., a tad more "realistic", but just as adventurous, as I decide what I need is to join an esoteric school.
That is where Chapter Three begins, my time in an esoteric school studying the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky...

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